Can payment terminals be fooled with a mask?

As you may already know, facial recognition is one of the ways to confirm your identity in order to unlock your mobile device, or at various services. With the Face ID feature on the Apple devices, it makes you feel like technology has really evolved and has never been more secure than now. But this is not the whole truth. Actually, the public terminals can easily be fooled by a mask. Which is why technologies still need plenty of improvement.

The Kneron company made some experiments with the terminals in China and has proven that facial recognition is not as secure as it first may seem. They tested 2 terminals in China by coming up to the terminal wearing a mask on their face. And the terminal allowed the purchase because it though that wasn’t a mask but the person’s face.

But the thing is that you mustn’t worry about the possibility of someone else using your face mask to do some vegetable shopping. Also, we must mention that those terminals were not entirely only with facial recognition, they also needed the buyer to enter some digits of the phone. And a good fact is that it is impossible to fool Apple’s facial recognition with a mask.

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