List your car immediately with the new eBay tools

eBay has released a new software based on the auction website. The application’s purpose is to make the process of purchasing and selling cars faster and easier. The new features that the app has are the AI ones. Thanks to them a user can post a car in less than 5 minutes. This software can be used in the USA and can be downloaded to both Android and IOS devices here on freepornhq.net .

Some of the features that make the listing of a car much easier are:

  • License plate recognition. Right after you upload a picture of your license plate, the application automatically fills out the information about the model, VIN and make of your car.
  • Categories feature. After you take photos and videos of your car, and upload it into the software, the application uses algorithms to sort them and group them according some properties. This feature can completely boost the sales of cars on this platform.
  • Personalized homepage.
  • Updates search engine that helps to find the needed car very fast.

Also, the company hopes that in the near future they will add a feature that will automatically create full descriptions of the cars. This would be a great opportunity to make this process even faster. Check out the app for yourself!

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