Bordeaux – lots of history and wine

Bordeaux is a gorgeous city in the south-west of France. The abundance in culture and history keeps people mesmerized. Needless to mention, the prestigious vineyards, the best in the whole world. The possibilities are overwhelming, so here are the best places you should check out.

The most distinguishable landmark is Place de la Bourse. It’s a classic example of French architecture. Notice the attention to such details as the “Miroir d’eau” (a pool that reflects the Palace), the statues on the buildings, etc.

Bordeaux – lots of history and wine

Bordeaux has one more supreme landmark – Saint-Andre. It’s a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral founded in 1096! Most of the structure we see nowadays dates back to the 14th century, but there still exists a wall from the original construction. Saint-Andre has a number of priceless religious paintings, while the Pey-Berland Tower provides a marvelous panorama of the place.

You should definitely arrange a wine tour, because what would this city be without its world-famous wine? The choice of vineyards is enormous since they are everywhere on both banks of the river. It can be something prestigious like Saint-Emilion or simpler like Medoc. Or you can visit one of the numerous wine bars like Bar a Vin or Le Verre o Vin.

However, this city is not only about vineyards and old ages. Bordeaux has a museum of contemporary art (CAPC) with permanent exhibitions of Keith Haring, Max Neuhaus, and other modern artists.

Post Author: Bradley Medina