Little Fairytale of Colmar

A couple of hours ride from Paris takes you to a real fairytale – Colmar. The tiny town is situated in the Alsace region. People often call it “Little Venice” as the town is crossed by canals of the river Lauch. The picturesque Colmar stands out by the beautiful houses colored in rose, sky blue, apricot, lemon, and other unusual colors. The locals decorate them with the prettiest shutters. Some have ornaments, while other shutters are carved. They add lamps, signs, and other bizarre elements. The streets are dressed with flowers to add the charming atmosphere.

One of the best houses here is Maison Pfister. Built in 1537, it should be a must on your walking tour. you should also visit St. Martin’s Church, which was built in 1365. The unusual design of the Gothic-style church makes it another stop on your route.

Little Fairytale of Colmar

The small town can boast of having one of the most visited museums in France. The Unterlinden Museum is housed in the 13th-century convent. The cloister archways and exhibitions make this place magical. It’s most famous for the Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grunewald but has a large collection of artworks.

The center of Colmar is full of classy shops that sell gourmet food like white wine, cheese, salted caramel, jars or sauerkraut, and bretzels. After visiting Colmar enjoy Star Images at – some of them you could see in your trip.

Post Author: Bradley Medina