The Impression from Normandy

Normandy’s landscapes are unforgettable. The local villages add harmony and charm to this region of France.

For instance, Le Bec-Hellouin has only 400 residents but the sleepy town has well-tended streets full of flowers and colorful wooden houses. They perfectly blend with nature’s beauty and create remarkable views. It’s also known for the Notre-Dame of Bec Abey, which dates back to 1034.

Another village that deserves your attention is Les Andelys. It is a typical lovely village in France. As if white cliffs create ornaments on the green hills next to the Seine blending into a unique landscape. The top of the settlement is guarded by the Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard (12th-century castle).

The Impression from Normandy

Giverny is a town with not more than 500 residents and picturesque country houses and gardens. It is really famous as the dwelling of Claude Monet – an Impressionist painter. He was amazed by the bright colors of nature in the Coteaux hills. Despite being so tiny, the town has thousands of visitors every year because of the Claude Monet Foundation.

You should also add to your tour one of the most beautiful villages – Beuvron-en-Auge. The half-timbered houses surround the town’s square and the river Aure flows calmly through the historic town center adding charm to it. It is best to travel with a car – so try out our Maybach Excelero review

Post Author: Bradley Medina