The symbol of Paris

Notre-Dame is an extremely famous and enormous monument with a long and rich history. The landmark has been the major sight in the City of Light for 900 years.

Everything began in 1160 when Maurice de Sully decided to build a grand memorial which would show the influence of Paris. It took 2 centuries and 6 architects to build the Gothic cathedral. Eventually, in 1345 the job was done.

The symbol of Paris

King Henry VI (the King of England) was announced as the King of France within these walls. Later the appearance got worse and lots of stained-glass and chambers were ruined. However, in the 1600s the reconstruction brought its remarkable organ (it still works and sounds great).

The French Revolution transformed Notre-Dame into a grocery shop and the building was completely neglected. By the end of the 18th century, it was almost destroyed but Napoleon changed its history (his coronation as the Emperor happened there). King Louis Philippe I ordered to restore at the end of the 19th century. The only change in the last 60 years was the mechanization of the 13-ton Emmanuel bell. Try Paris with luxury Jaguar Q-type Review

With its ups and downs, Notre-Dame remains the architectural symbol of Paris and is worth visiting any season.

Post Author: Bradley Medina