Versailles – the pearl of France

Versailles has it all – the atmosphere of royalty, the palace, the gardens… everything just like from a fairytale. Situated 16 km to the south-west of Paris, it’s an ideal destination for a day trip. The perfect time to visit the estate is in high season (from April to October). Unfortunately, it’s the busiest time for the Palace. So, get ready for the crowds of tourists.

The construction of the Palace began in 1623. It was the home of French Kings and served as a Consulate after the French revolution. Nowadays, one of the biggest palaces in the world is the Museum of French Monarchy.

Versailles – the pearl of France

The total number of rooms in the Palace is 2300. They occupy approximately 63 000 sq.m. You can walk through the renowned Hall of Mirrors – the 73-meter-long hall decorated by 357 mirrors. Make sure to stop at the apartments of the King, of the Ladies, the Coach Gallery, and the Royal Opera.  The gardens of the Palace have 15 groves decorated with sculptures and fountains. The Royal Chapel is also worth seeing. It has two levels and the great organ; the ceiling is covered with splendid paintings by Hardouin-Mansart.

Nevertheless, Versailles is not only about the Palace. The city itself is very posh. If you have time, you should explore the Market’s Place (Place du Marche de Notre-Dame), the Notre-Dame de Versailles church, and the City Hall. One day is quite enough to explore both the Palace and the city.

Post Author: Bradley Medina