Where the Old World Meets the New One

Strasbourg is a very lively city. Walking across it is like reading a history book as the top museums in the country are located here. The old city is situated on an island and preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage. Strasbourg Cathedral is truly the heart of the place. If you climb its tower, you’ll see the spectacular views of the old city and beyond. Come on time and you’ll see the astronomical clock and its ceremony of automated figures (dates back to 1842).

Aside from architecture beauty, Strasbourg is a real foodie fest. Michelin-starred restaurants originated here. People can also visit the delightful boutique chocolatiers, winstubs, and bistros. It has the unique blend of French and German cuisine – bretzel, choucroute, etc.

Where the Old World Meets the New One

Over the course of time, France and Germany took turns controlling the Strasbourg. The results can be observed not only in cuisine but in crafts, dialects, and architecture.

The best time to visit it is December. For one month it turns into a magical Christmas land of lights and decorations. The market is filled with Christmas spirit and the stands which offer fresh bredele cookies and a bit of vin chaud. The Christmas market is the tradition that goes back to 1570.

This city has one common feature with New York and Geneva. These are the only cities which are not capitals but have international institutions. European Parliament occupies the north of Strasbourg.

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Post Author: Bradley Medina